Large capacity for high volumes

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We respond to your wishes and expectations with innovative and creative customised solutions. Great expertise in finishing techniques.

Everything under one roof

Printing, finishing and packaging under one roof to ensure short delivery times and maximum flexibility.

Large capacity for high volumes

Thanks to our large capacity we are an international player in the printing sector. In the short term, we can deliver high volumes of high-quality and fully finished printed matter.

Security and  Reliability

The integrity and security of our production processes are key to our business operations.

Security Printing

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  • Voting passes and election printing
  • Lottery tickets
  • Security control documents (certificates of registration, etc.)
  • Special documents for sending confidentional information such as secret codes: PIN-code mailers or securty+ documents
  • Tickets & Parking permits
  • Passports
  • ....

Logisitics forms

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  • Consignment notes
  • CMR (we are an authorised CMR printer)
  • Continuous listing paper
  • Customs documents
  • Return forms and return documents
  • Dispatch / shipping notes
  • ...

Business documents

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  • Continuous listing paper
  • Plano A3/A4 forms
  • Optically readable forms (OCR)
  • Invoices
  • Letterheads
  • Order confirmations
  • ...

Self-adhesive labels & tags

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  • Blank A4 labels, different sizes on 1 sheet
  • Printed labels on rolls or sheets
  • Self-adhesive labels with security features
  • Intergrated labels

Finising & Packaging

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  • Gumming
  • Special cut-outs
  • Scratch inks and scenten inks
  • Integrated labels
  • Integrated cards
  • Integrated envelopes
  • ....

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View a few completed orders here.

View a few completed orders here