Customised finishing and packaging techniques

The wide range of finishing and packaging techniques is one of Joos Print's greatest strengths. In addition, finishing and packaging is carried out under the same roof as our printing activities. This gives us enormous flexibility and no time is lost for urgent orders. As trusted partner for all your business printing, we are always happy to give you personal advice on achieving the right finish and the most appropriate packaging. We do everything we possibly can to think along with you and strive for innovative and cost-efficient customised solutions.

Combination of finishing techniques

With our wide range of finishing techniques and personalisation options, we guarantee a higher degree of additional value for your business printing. 

Thanks to the combination of different techniques – which can also include integration and sticking – the possibilities are virtually endless. 

Do you have a specific technically-oriented printing challenge? We have all the necessary expertise for providing customised expert advice. Don't hesitate to contact us for customised advice.

Possible finishing techniques